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I participated several times, sometimes impromptu, and found it both fun and productive to sit down with random colleagues for an informal, unstructured discussion over lunch. A genius idea. Elegant simplicity.
  — Ambassador Barbara Barrett
President and CEO of Triple Creek Guest Ranch &
Former President of Thunderbird School of Global Management

I personally love the Lunch Club! I actually call it the Lunch Bunch when I leave the office. It is a great way to get to see other people around the [workplace], those that you know and those you don't. It's a way to do a little socializing and also to get a little casual business done as well…I hope you continue with this great group activity.
  — Joyce R.  

I really love the Lunch Club, it’s such a great idea. When I started as a new employee, I only knew a few people and the staff was physically dispersed all over campus. The Lunch Club was a wonderful way for me to get to know people from other departments, learn what they do, and more quickly feel like a part of the [Company] community.
  — Sara K.  

The [Company] Lunch Club has been a wonderful way for me to meet new people and get to know my colleagues better. I’ve been able to learn so much more about what goes on in my organization by having lunch with people from departments that I don’t usually interact with. I’ve really enjoyed this experience and look forward to continuing my participation in the program.
  — Cindy J.  

As the Central Receptionist, I see names and phone extensions constantly in the directory. Rarely do I get to put the face and name together of people who are not in my immediate area. People walk in and out of my office all day long but I often do not know WHO is doing the walking. Lunch Club is a bit of a cheat for me to learn people’s names and where they work, and know them a little more personally. Lunch Club helps me do my work better and go the extra mile for people I interact with.
  — Sandra C.  

I have really enjoyed getting to know people outside of my department, I am not sure how I would have gotten to know them otherwise. Almost every week we are engaged in lively conversation (usually non-work related!) ...I will continue to participate as often as I can.
  — Shannon W.  

I have enjoyed participating very much. It is really the only opportunity I have to meet some of our new and even not so new, employees... I think the whole program works great. I have met several people that I did not know, and learned some interesting information about staff members that I did know.
  — Crystal S.  

I enjoy it... Even if I know the person assigned at my table, it is still fun because you never get a chance to just sit and talk to your coworkers. This is the opportunity to do just that, to catch up with people you already know and to meet others that you had not met before. It is interesting to find out what people do in other departments or just listen to a funny story about them...
  — Maureen C.  

...I think this is a great idea. This has given me the opportunity to learn about my colleagues and do some positive PR for my own department. It gives me the chance to meet people I otherwise would never meet – after all we do all have to eat!
  — Jay B. has gone extremely well. Everyone has had a great time and we are all excited for next month!!
  — Cheryl R.  

I enjoy the Lunch Club as it allows me to meet other [Company] employees that I do not know and learn about them.
  — Catherine K.  

I love lunch club! Every time I can make it, I go...
  — Sandri R.